Ambarrukmo is a professional solution in hospitality, retail, and property in Yogyakarta, providing a unique experience with rich Javanese cultural values of hospitality. With Plaza Ambarrukmo, Royal Ambarrukmo, Grand Ambarrukmo and PORTA by The Ambarrukmo we strive to deliver captivating and unforgettable experiences to our customers. Our core values of integrity, trust, and customer satisfaction guide us in all aspects of our business operations.


The Gateway of Java

The Gateway of Java




Ambarrukmo has become an important part of Yogyakarta’s great history. Starting from a Royal Garden during the time of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono V, then becoming a gateway to welcome important guests of the Kraton in the 18th century, which was later perfected as Pesanggrahan Sultan Hamengku Buwono VII. To this day it has become an integrated area with Five-Star Hotels, Four-Star Hotels, and Modern Shopping Mall in Yogyakarta.