Kelana Lidah Jawa

Kelana Lidah Jawa is a culinary book that combines culinary and literary works in one interesting and authentic narrative. The book is part of Ambarrukmo Group’s mission to preserve culture through culinary traditions. The first edition of this book is a collaborative effort with Laire Siwi Mentari, a writer and experienced chef.

It’s a journey through Javanese culture and history. Each recipe is accompanied by a story that provides insights into the dish’s origins, significance, and preparation. The book is beautifully illustrated with photos and illustrations that capture the essence of Javanese cuisine. Through this book, Ambarrukmo Group hopes that the public can enjoy and appreciate the culinary identity of Java and Nusantara.

Kelana Lidah Jawa is a must-have for anyone who loves Javanese food or wants to learn more about Javanese culture. It is a valuable resource for both home cooks and professional chefs.