Land of Leisures

Land of Leisures (LOL) is a prominent celebration of the local creative industry in Yogyakarta. Since its inception in 2016, Land of Leisures has become an eagerly anticipated annual event, drawing an average of 75,000 visitors over three days. This event aims to showcase the appeal of the local creative industries and empower the community to support local talent. With five main activations, including the Curated Market, Food Bazaar, Music Performance, Talkshow, and Workshop, Land of Leisures offers an immersive experience for attendees to explore and engage with various creative local brands.

The Curated Market and Food Bazaar provide a platform for these brands to showcase their products and grow their market. Through Talk Show and Workshop activities, participants can learn from industry experts and even create their own products. The event is further enhanced by captivating music performances featuring local, national, and international artists. The upcoming Land of Leisures event will be held in Plaza Ambarrukmo on September 7th – 10th, 2023. Join us as we appreciate the ever-evolving creative industry and embrace the transformative process that unfolds.