Pasar Wiguna

Pasar Wiguna is an ecoculture market for connoisseurs of culture and healthy lifestyles in Yogyakarta. The word “Wiguna” means useful embracing values of wellness, locality, and waste reduction. It is hoped that this local market can provide benefits to the surrounding area, especially in Yogyakarta. Pasar Wiguna has a passion to become a medium and a means of learning and enjoying a variety of cultures and unique activities that are a necessity in promoting a healthy and prosperous life among all people who attend and become a part of Pasar Wiguna.

Held every alternate Sunday at Alun-alun Pesanggrahan Ambarrukmo from 08.00 to 13.00, Pasar Wiguna can be the community’s choice to gather, eat, study, and shop. Pasar Wiguna presents a variety of curated local brands from Yogyakarta and Indonesia that have the same spirit as Pasar Wiguna. From a variety of healthy foods and drinks, essential oils to accessories, Pasar Wiguna is here to enliven the market.

Pasar Wiguna, an initiative from Ambarrukmo Group, is more than a market, it’s a platform for growth and discovery. With a variety of workshops on offer each market day, it provides a unique opportunity for lifelong learning. A space open to everyone from children to adults, Pasar Wiguna invites all to explore, learn and grow within its vibrant, community-focused confines.