Malyabhara Hotel, located in the heart of Malioboro Street, symbolizes Javanese warmth and hospitality. The hotel embraces the qualities of Sumarah (empathy), Sumenak (friendliness and proactivity), and Santun (adaptability), influenced by Yogyakarta’s cultural diversity and historical charms. Malyabhara’s objective is to be a prominent hotel recognized for its distinct blend of compassionate, proactive, and adaptable Javanese hospitality, providing an authentic and enjoyable accommodation experience for all guests.

Malyabhara Hotel is a perfect choice for both business and leisure travelers, as it is conveniently connected to “Plaza Malioboro,” located just 5 minutes from the “Yogyakarta Train Station” and the “Sultan Palace,” and only 90 minutes from the new Yogyakarta International Airport. With its characteristic Javanese hospitality, the hotel offers an authentic Yogyakarta living experience, reflecting the traditional prestige of Malioboro Street. Inspired by the enthusiasm of the Yogyakarta Palace for entertaining guests, Malyabhara Hotel is dedicated to providing an exceptional stay that showcases the lively culture of Yogyakarta. Whether you are here for any reason, our rooms’ quiet and welcoming ambiance provides the ideal environment to relax and unwind.