Royal Ambarrukmo

Discover the luxury offered by Royal Ambarrukmo from the luminous history of the building until the fancy yet tantalizing delights. Soak up the long life journey of Royal Ambarrukmo while staying here, since the relationship between this building and Kraton Yogyakarta is important to the tourism industry. Royal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta had given a high prestige received by the government and was protected under the law relating to Cultural Relics.

The award-winning Samazana offers an undoubtedly dining experience, bringing scrumptious flavors, and a high-quality menu with excellent Indonesian, Asian, and Continental menu selections, made by our brilliant kitchen team and chefs. The sweet tooth people will definitely love a cozy space for sipping the best coffee selections, and exceptional delicacies of cake and bread at the Punika Deli.

Guests are also invited to enjoy Javanese arts and cultural activities that are brought to life in the Pendopo Agung, such as Jemparingan or traditional archery combined with Royal High Tea “Patehan” and also a prestigious dining “Ladhosan Dhahar.”