Plaza Ambarrukmo

Since its establishment in 2006, as one of the most reputable shopping  center in Central Java, Plaza Ambarrukmo has maintained an understanding of every shift in consumer trends and market demands to design a shopping center that provides its customers with one-stop shopping and leisure destination. Consisting of six floors led with major name brands of various industries, i.e. fashion, beauty, food & beverages to entertainment, Plaza Ambarrukmo consistently meets the highest expectations from the evolving needs of every lifestyle. Driven by determination, expertise, and over 10 years of experience, Plaza Ambarrukmo now has emerged proudly as one of the most reputable shopping center in Central Java.

Yogyakarta is rich in a variety of histories and cultures with stunning artworks and spiritual sensibility, making it a traveler’s paradise and a shoppers delight. Located in the heart of this Cultural City and a strategic transportation line, Plaza Ambarrukmo was built with a blend of classic architectural concepts and modern interior design.