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Logo Gateway Of Java

Ambarrukmo goes beyond being a company;

It’s a gateway to cultural heritage preservation for a sustainable future for all.

It is a bridge between forgotten stories and dreams being built, bringing hope for the future.

Ambarrukmo Group contributes to advancing industries and is committed to enhancing community welfare. Ambarrukmo creates various activities that enrich the appreciation of local culture, filled with joy and the beauty of tradition. Supported by pillars that empower the community through education while prioritizing future life. From challenging race steps, and joyous activities, to the aroma of Javanese tea in cultural events, every moment is designed to celebrate tradition and innovation simultaneously.

Now, this story calls you to experience the richness of life where the past blends with the present, and culture becomes a bridge to a better future.

Explore the whole story and download the Social Impact Report of Ambarrukmo Group Programs, a collaboration between Ambarrukmo Group and Harapura Impact.