Land of Leisures

Land of Leisures is one of the biggest celebrations of the local creative industry in Yogyakarta. Held since 2016, Land of Leisures has become an annual event awaited by the people of Yogyakarta with an average of 75,000 visitors a 3 days event. In the spirit of building the attractiveness of local creative industries and empowering the community to support local power, Land of Leisures presents a variety of attractions that can be enjoyed by all the people involved in the event.

Through 5 main activations, that is Curated Market, Food Bazaar, Music Performance, Talkshow, and Workshop, Land of Leisures provides a space of exploration for the wider community to get to know the various creative local brands that are present. Curated Market and Food Bazzar become the media for local brands to introduce their product strengths and expand their market. The public can also learn and try to make a product through Talkshow and Workshop activities that Land of Leisures presents with the best people from the Indonesian creative industry. Last but not least, Music performances complement the celebration of the Land of Leisure event, by presenting local, national, and international artists.

In 2022, Land of Leisures will be held again by Plaza Ambarrukmo on 28,29, and 30 October. Themed Metamorfase, Land of Leisure invites the public to appreciate every process that occurs, especially in the dynamic creative industry.