Loyalty Program, MyAmbarrukmo


MyAmbarrukmo is an innovative Mobile Application to seamlessly cater to the diverse needs of members, stakeholders, and partners. MyAmbarrumo apps represents a harmonious blend of digital innovation, cultural heritage, and customer-centric services, enabling easy access to facilities and services around Yogyakarta and Indonesia.

MyAmbarrukmo features a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily access and interact with Ambarrukmo’s properties, services, and cultural experiences. It transforms conventional customer engagement to a more immersive journey where users can accumulate and redeem loyalty points, explore new products, events, and stay connected with the Ambarrukmo community. 

MyAmbarrukmo simplifies interaction with Ambarrukmo properties, providing effortless navigation, property management features, and easy point redemption. The design ensures a hassle-free, enjoyable experience for all, overlaying simplicity with convenience. 

Integrating the Ambarrukmo Loyalty Points program, the application translates transactions into redeemable points. By presenting a unique digital currency called “points,” users can access various rewards available throughout Ambarrukmo’s properties in Yogyakarta. Download now and step into a new era of the Ambarrukmo experience.

MyAmbarrukmo, a mobile application by Ambarrukmo Group, is designed to accommodate the diverse property-related needs of its members, stakeholders, and partners. This harmonious blend of digital innovation, cultural heritage, and customer-centric service provides easy access to facilities and services. It also enables users to accumulate loyalty points that can be redeemed for attractive rewards.

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